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Our Vision

At Sustainable Gaia, we envision a world where organizations seamlessly integrate sustainability into their core values, operations, and reporting practices.

This vision is embodied in our company name and logo:  ‘Gaia’ means ‘earth’ in Greek, and to us, Environment, Social and Governance or ESG is a key stepping stone in your organization’s sustainability journey where we aspire to be a catalyst for sustainable transformation, driving positive environmental, social, and economic impact.

Our Team

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Sustainability Consultant, Trainer, Writer, Co-Founder of Sustainable Gaia

Bhavani Prakash entered the sustainability domain in 2008 and has several years of experience, as an award-winning and pioneering sustainability advocate, writer, TEDxspeaker and thought leader. Prior to that she worked in management accounting in the oil and gas, and aviation related service sectors.

She holds an ISO 14064-1/2/3 Greenhouse Gas Accounting Lead Verifier/Lead Validation certification, and helps clients with GRI reporting, mapping to UN SDG goals, TCFD and SGX Singapore Practice Note requirements. She also consults on sustainability strategy and conducts engaging trainings and workshops in various sustainability related topics.

She holds an M.Sc in Financial Economics from University of London, M.B.A. in Finance from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, and a B.Com (Hons) from Lady Shri Ram College, University of New Delhi.

Her past publications include impactful toolkits such as ‘How to engage employees in CSR’ with National Environment Agency funding, ‘1001 Ways to Save the Planet’ and ‘Skills for the Green Economy’ by OECD. She has written several sustainability articles for magazines and clients related to a wide range of sustainability topics, from the latest sustainability regulations and frameworks, to themes such as organisational sustainability, green office, national level green strategies, food resilience, water resilience, climate change and so on.

She is also a trained mindfulness practitioner and facilitator, and a sustainability speaker, well regarded for her passionate, inspiring and impactful delivery.

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Sustainability Strategy Lead & Technology Advisor, Co-Founder of Sustainable Gaia

Prakash has over 25 years in leading multinationals across diverse sectors in Fast-moving Consumer Goods and Healthcare, Manufacturing and Finance organizations at senior levels. He has been responsible for enterprise-wide business and technology transformations in Unilever for 21 years and GSK (Haleon) for 6 years to facilitate and drive business growth. He has won several global and regional awards for his innovative and large-scale business transformations.  

During his role as Head of Sustainability for Technology in Haleon (GSK), he co-created the sustainability strategy for the organization and later the sustainability strategy for technology and executed several initiatives to drive the Sustainability agenda in the organization.

He is known for his high-energy approach and a passionate commitment to driving innovation while maintaining a sharp focus on delivering high-impact results. He is skilled in navigating complex global structures, aligning technology solutions with strategic business needs, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth within the organization. He brings a wealth of international experience and a proven ability to collaborate across various cultures and regions, including Asia, Europe, and North America.

Prakash is qualified Chartered Accountant (ACA) and Management Accountant (CGMA). He has several Technology certifications to support his role as Global Head of Technology for 25 years. He is accredited with “Circular Economy from Cambridge University, UK” and holds an ISO 14064-1/2/3 Greenhouse Gas Accounting Lead Verifier/Lead Validator certification.